Vintage Hipster Pack

“Looking for a vintage hipster pack to complete my unique style. Need it to be durable and spacious enough for daily use.”

Vintage Hipster Pack: A Template for Creating a Retro, 8mm Film Feel

If you’re looking to add some vintage flair to your videos, the Vintage Hipster Pack template is the perfect choice. Inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks and featuring grungy film burn transitions and light leaks, this template allows you to overlay your footage with hip animated typeface and vintage labels. Whether you’re creating video credits or a spooky intro for a show, this pack gives endless possibilities.

What’s Included in This Pack?

  • A looping color burn effect (2-minute loop)
  • A looping old film effect (2-minute loop)
  • Nine light leaks in different colors
  • Eleven film burn transitions
  • Six light leak transitions with subliminal text
  • Ten text overlays

The Animated font based on Graystroke is included as well(in Upper Case letters only). With all placeholders & text overlays being easily duplicable into unlimited copies it gives users complete freedom of making their video as long they want.


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