Few players raise as much media hype as Vinicius at such a young age. his cheeky way to play, always facing, always looking for the rival, and his mistake –Sometimes with obscene errors– facing the opposite goal, make sure that in every game he plays, the Brazilian is always one of the great protagonists.

Vinícius arrived at Real Madrid young, very young. He was just 18 years old when, in exchange for 45 million euros, one of the great pearls of Brazilian football arrived in Spain. His age made the club choose to make him play in the subsidiary so that he gradually joined the first team; However, the urgencies appeared in the white club and everything was rushed. Lopetegui did not give him a chance, but when he was dismissed, Solari gave him the alternative and the carioca became the great sensation of a team that seemed dead after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

His football was rock and roll, dizzying pace and zero complexes. Every time the ball reached him, he faced the rival, challenged him. And he went almost always. However, when he reached the opposite goal, it was at night as it has rarely been seen in the world of football. In the age of social media, Those blunders in the face of the opposite goal became memes and the fans were divided among those who saw in him a futurecrack (“He improved his aim,” they said) and those who considered him a real bluff.

The following campaign, Vinícius saw Real Madrid sign a world star in his position, Eden Hazard, but the constant injuries of the Belgian gave him back prominence. His game, however, did not evolve: kept breaking rival defenses from the left wing but at the same time added a endless improper bugs of a footballer of his level when it was necessary to finish the plays. Five goals in 38 games was a true reflection of his football.

This season seems like a revalidation for him. With 20 years and already extensive experience at the highest level, he is required to take the necessary step forward to consolidate himself in an entire Real Madrid. And, again, the doubts, the division of opinions, the constant yes but no that is marking his career. This time he started in a hopeful way, with good performances and two goals in his first three games (against Valladolid and Levante) that seemed to herald a change in his game. Finally, his constant imbalance joined the sufficient calm before the rival goal. However, doubts have resurfaced after his two bad performances against Barcelona and Gladbach. At the Camp Nou, he failed numerous very clear counterattacks to sentence the crash due to his haste when making the final decision. In Germany, he was seen as erratic, as affected by what happened in the Classic. He was replaced when it was necessary to come back and Hazard improved his performance.

A start to the year with lights and shadows that perfectly reflects his so far short career. Will it break into a crack Neymar style or stay along the way as it happened to Robinho?