Head coach of the Swedish club Modo Ville Nieminen gets harsh criticism of the club’s early extracts.

Nieminen, 43, who took over the coaching responsibility of the team in June, set out to elevate the traditional club from the second highest league level towards SHL. However, the early season has gone badly into the notebook. The team is last in the league table. The account only has one point for three matches.

Expressen supplier Adam Johansson analyzes the team’s weak early season. The team that dropped out of the main series in 2016 was expected to fight for a resurrection, but the opposite is happening.

– Currently, the more probable direction is Hockeyetta than SHL, Johansson states, referring to the fall.

Lack of language skills

The reporter lists almost everyone on the team wrong at the moment. The loss of players weakened the team, and the underperformances do not give any value. There is also a way of playing, and the blame finger points towards Niemi.

– Despite his long career in North America, Nieminen’s English language skills are not very good. After the publication of the coaching uniform, his weakness was tactical in Finland, while his strengths were his character and vision. But how can he inspire a team if he can’t communicate with them, Johansson asks.

Expressen does not doubt Nieminen’s abilities as a coach in the right circumstances.

– However, it has now become barely clear that Modo is not the right team for a Finn at the moment.