In the return to normality of women’s football, many obstacles have passed. The first, from the Federation itself, which has not confirmed the start date of the Primera Iberdrola season beyond a generic date as of October 18.

In between, the total conversion of the Heel in the female Real Madrid, the controversial compensation list that left stars like Eva Navarro without being able to leave their team or discussions about the never ending Collective Agreement, they have put Spanish women’s football in a murky swamp which, in addition, is in a social context already complex due to the pandemic.

In this scenario, the Spanish women’s team has reunited for the next matches against Moldavia, qualifying for the Women’s Eurocup in England to be played in 2021. The strange atmosphere that could occur in this concentration, six months after the last match of the team, has made Jorge Vilda, the coach, receive them with a speech with more message than usual.

“Six months later we meet again. We we are like children with new shoes, jumping for joy through the City of Soccer. It is very good news that we meet again here, “he began, before welcoming the two novelties on this list, Ainaze Berea ‘Peke’ and Teresa Abelleira, former teammates at Deportivo before the latter’s departure to Real Madrid. “That you know that the team that you have come has two qualities: hunger and the desire to win, nobody beats us in that; and the second, but not least, that the way to win is in one way. We have a style very marked and the two fit perfectly, “he said about it.

“What I would like is that we all do is the effort to just talk about football. It is not easy, but we have to focus on football and the game. We have to be an oasis, “he asked all of them, veterans and newbies.