Justice Minister Judit Varga sent a constitutional amendment to the Budapest Parliament in the spirit of “Hungary’s Christian culture”.

“The basis of family relationships is marriage. The mother is a woman, the father is a man “, the Hungarian minister explained his proposal.

Hungary “protects the right of children to the gender identity with which they were born”, the amendment also states.

The Viktor Orban government thus seeks to impose the Christian vision of gender roles in raising children, in the context in which the party of this nationalist prime minister appeals to anti-LGBT rhetoric to strengthen its support among the electorate, comments AFP.

Fidesz, Orban’s political party, and his political ally, the small Christian Democratic party KDNP, face the prospect of early 2022 elections as their popularity threatens to be threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact. on the economy.

Focusing in recent years mainly on condemning immigration to Europe, Viktor Orban’s government is increasingly turning to anti-LGBT rhetoric, following the example of the ruling PiS nationalist party in Poland, the source said.