Viggo Mortensen came out in defense of his decision to play a gay character in his new film

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The actor, who made his directorial debut, explained how the idea came about, and when asked about it, he responded with subtle irony.

Viggo Mortensen defend the actors straight they have to play roles homosexuals. Curious cause in the case of a task whose work consists, precisely, in imitating life. But he said it, perhaps forced by circumstance and with a view to the next premiere of his new film Falling.

The actor, who acts here and makes his directorial debut, plays John, a gay that, right off the bat, he will be taking care of his father, a completely homophobic and racist man who is beginning to show signs of senile dementia.

What is it like to make a gay character being straight? Mortensen responded to the agency Reuters with one of his jokes: “I apologize to all proctologists for choosing David Cronenberg“in reference to the Canadian filmmaker’s role playing a colorectal surgeon.

Viggo, best known for his Aragorn in the trilogy The Lord of the rings, said that his decision to transform John (his character) into a gay man was not “a trick or a trigger”, and explained that the script was rewritten on the fly at a time when he received a call from his partner, the actress Ariadna Gil.

I thought, what if it’s not a wife? What if it’s a husband? I’m going to try that, I’m going to write the next scene and see how it turns out. If it doesn’t work or seems like it’s not suitable for the story, then I won’t use it. ” But he liked it and moved on, despite what can come in terms of gender.

Several actors were recently criticized for playing, without being, characters LGBT. The Oscar winner Halle berry resigned from a transgender role in a film following criticism from activists who could not bear to have someone other than the palo get into her skin.

Falling can be seen as a microcosm of polarized society, divided both because of race and gender as well as sexuality, “said Mortensen, who in an interview with the publication Frames He explained that the project started after his father passed away. “I suppose it has been therapeutic and transformative, but not only for me, but also for other members of the cast and crew, who shared personal connections to the story,” he said.

“There are certain characters that I am not going to play,” continued Mortensen, who was nominated for three Oscars, four Golden Globes and three BAFTAs. “I wouldn’t play Eric,” she said of her film’s main character’s husband, a man with oriental features.

Why would it imply a spoiler alerWill it simply refer to the fact that the San Lorenzo fan is not willing to do any canthopexy, as they say to surgeries that tear the eyes?

The film, which also stars the Oscar-nominated actress Laura LinneyIn his opinion, it will not be a completely opportune film. “Regrettably the topics discussed about intolerance and communication problems will resonate in American society and others… “he said.

Even though the pandemic kept onlookers home, Mortensen said it had become “a kind of independent hit” in Spain, where the film was shown (online) for the first time as part of the San Sebastian Film Festival, last September.



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