Now what Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit went on sale it will be time for users to realize if we are ready as a society to bring video game careers to augmented reality, via miniature vehicles.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: Price and everything in it

So far the game has generated several types of opinions, but what is attracting attention is the way in which the game is won. repudiation of cats, the true masters of the houses they inhabit.

Remember that Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit It includes a series of attachments to define which area of ​​the home will be the track where the race will take place.

Once the arches have been placed and after drawing the track, what follows is to see through the screen of the Nintendo Switch everything that the miniature kart registers with its augmented reality camera during the tour.

And that is why several people with gatos have been witnesses from a subjective perspective of rejection generated by karts in these furry ones.

For example, this YouTube user uploaded a video to show how his cat has a mix between curiosity and fear when the kart is close to him, so that when he approaches he starts running and when he goes away he goes to look for it, and what follows is a series of chases:

This Twitter user uploaded a video to show that his cat is aggressive every time the kart approaches him, well attacks him barely having it within reach.

And this other Twitter user shows how all his cats see the kart in the distance, waiting for it to come closer to attack him:

In case you’re still wondering what the actual gameplay of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (no cats involved), we recommend enter here.

The game went on sale this October 16.