VIDEO-Zisis: “Better to have people against you, than an empty stadium” | NBA

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A few days before the first jambol of the Final 8 of the BCL, Nikos Zisis gave his stigma for the effort of AEK. The leader of the “Union”, which counts 27 titles in his record, spoke about the preparation that he and his teammates are making for the Final 8 and stressed that the first game against Nimburg is the most important.

At the same time, he referred to the absence of the fans from the stadium, aiming to give the team great moments to those who watch the match on TV, while he clarified that in no case will the season end for the “Union” with the end of the Final 8.

What the leader of the “Union” said on the camera of AEK BC TV:

To prepare for Final 8“Preparing for a big tournament is different. You understand from the previous days that you have reached a step from a great goal. Has your team qualified to play in the tournament, or in the final. The concentration is definitely greater, the will and the impatience grows. From my side I see that the most important thing is not to try to do something different in relation to the season. To be yourself, to listen to the coach and try to give your best “.

For most of his time in finals“We have all said it, winning Eurobasket with Ethniki can not be compared to any other title. It is an indelible moment, it stays in the mind and in the heart and the pride and honor you feel has no words to describe it “.

For the moment he will never forget: “I remember from the Eurobasket final, we knew that 3 hours before the final there is the team meeting, after the rest. We were facing the elevator and there were windows and you were looking out onto a large square. Turning from the corridor we realized how many Greeks had gathered. The tournament was in Belgrade and after the final each game was more and more. It was very crowded in the surrounding area. I do not remember what other children we were with, but when we saw this picture we said we were not going to lose. We felt such support that we were sure we would win. “

For the Final 8“It is a special condition to play such a tournament so early. We played 2 games that can help the team. It was a different situation from the friendly ones. We played with quality teams, they were official games. We saw that they can help us and we have to go game by game. We are in a good degree of readiness for the season and of course the excuse of the season is not for AEK, but for all the teams. I believe in the team, we have to go step by step. Our first opponent is a very dangerous team. As is the nature of the tournament in my experience every game gives you the power to get far. The first game is very important “.

For the absence of people from the stadium“It will be much more difficult not to have people. Not just for us, for anyone. Better to have people who are against you, than an empty stadium. This is my opinion. We play for the world, we draw strength. Even as an opponent, the disapproval of the people takes you out or gives you confidence. This is the new reality we live in and even so we can play.

We all know the love of the people of AEK. I wish he was with us. May he be with us during the season. Whatever happens the season is at the beginning. Whether we lose the Cup or win it, the season does not end on October 4. We have to show all these expectations on the floor, give them great moments and wish them to be with us during the season so that they can support us with a physical presence and enjoy the team playing good basketball “.


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