The North Koreans thus witnessed a very unusual scene.

The supreme commander delivered this speech – unexpectedly – at a huge military parade, organized over the weekend, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the (single) Workers’ Party, during which he cried and apologized for his inability to leads the country, according to The Guardian.

“Our people have put their trust as high as the sky and as deep as the sea, but I have not been able to stand tall. I am really sorry for that, “the dictator said.

“My efforts and sincerity have not been enough to rid us of the difficulties of their lives,” he added.

According to experts, Kim Jong Un used this speech to express his sympathy for the North Korean people, but they point out that these words reveal the growing pressure facing the regime.

“It’s important to see why he came to cry on such an occasion,” an analyst at the Korean Institute for National Unification Hong Min told the Korea Times.

“Under his message, we can feel that Kim is under a lot of pressure on his leadership,” he said – a pressure marked by the dramatic collapse of North Korean trade with China due to the closure of the border following the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters. such as recent floods.

During the military parade, North Korea unveiled a huge 24-meter-long missile, considered an explicit threat to the US anti-missile system by some experts.

Despite this huge military presence at the military parade, in order to impress the whole world, Kim Jong Un wanted to express his personal support for people suffering from COVID-19 around the world.

Kim Jong Un also expressed hope for improved relations with South Korea.