Tudor Chirilă sketched a sad radiograph of the Capital and addressed the young people, in a video message on his Facebook page, which he asks and encourages to go to the polls on the day of the local elections, Sunday, September 27th.

The artist listed the reasons why young people should exercise their right to elect the mayors of the Capital, but also problems in which Bucharest is sinking deeper and deeper. The only solution for a better near future is to vote knowingly. “When it comes to our city, young people do not vote because they are disconnected from politics, from civic life, because at school no one tells children what it means to be a citizen. It also means voting “, says Chirilă, among others.

Artist’s message:

“When you are young, the world is yours because you are young, you can get anywhere and hope. Your life is nourished a lot by hope, by love, you have the impression that the world is yours. You think about what you will do in life, what college you will go to, what profession you start or what party you go to on Saturday. You don’t have much to do with hospitals, if you’re a little lucky. You don’t have to pay taxes, sit in queues at the counters, leaning against small windows, you don’t have a carnet, but you don’t mind public transport either because you’re always with your mind elsewhere and you don’t have many roads made.

Because when we are young, our inner life is so rich that what happens outside fades. However, what happens outside, in Bucharest in our case, influences our lives without feeling. And we end up entering real life, that life after college, and dealing with all the issues that our youth neglected and that now weigh on us. When you are young, you do not think that you will need this city and you will be hit by all the unresolved problems so far: you will be hit by traffic, bureaucracy, it will be difficult for you to build a house, you will stay two years after the permit , because the town halls don’t work or because you don’t know the way to pay. You won’t find a good school right in your neighborhood, and if you end up in a state hospital you have to think if you don’t leave with bacteria, your baby’s stroller will hit all the sidewalks, and the authorities will be bored of your problem. Pollution will start to affect you directly, they will always treat you like a stranger. You will pay taxes and you will get angry because you will not receive anything from them. Then you will leave the country to find happiness in other better places, where do you guess? People vote. Voting is a democratic matter. You vote, in fact, every day: what to wear, what terrace to go to with friends, where to go on holiday with the group, you vote so that you can get along with others “, said Tudor Chirilă.

He continued: “When it comes to our city, young people do not vote because they are disconnected from politics, from civic life, because at school no one tells children what it means to be a citizen. It also means voting. The mayor of Bucharest must be decided especially by the young people because this city will be theirs. It’s just that going to the polls is discouraged, because politicians like to vote only for those who can be manipulated and who don’t need as much of another city as young people. Politicians believe they can buy people’s votes with a few election gifts that can make them forget the city’s real problems.

But who do I vote with? That’s the question.

It was a dirty campaign, with attacks on people, with suburban language, tipping over to interrupt press conferences, with unproven accusations, without any debate to delimit the candidates. A campaign in which the televisions accustomed to manipulating or truncating the truth competed to create confusion, discourage and ensure that only their audience will go to the polls.

A campaign that shows everyone is the same, right? Because the idea that everyone is equally incompetent, corrupt, indolent, that you have no choice, is credited. But the truth is, no, not everyone is the same, because not all people are the same.

For 30 years there has been a political and administrative mafia that has taken over Romania and its cities.

They are the indestructible ones linked to a single interest: public money that can be easily put in your pocket. Only the vote throws you into the fight for a better city. If you don’t vote, you agree to the worst. When this city becomes your enemy, you will go in search of a better city abroad, but don’t forget that it was built only because some people cared and went to the polls, “Tudor added.

The artist also gave suggestions to the undecided young people: “It doesn’t seem so complicated to me. Do a Google search for candidates and find out about them. See their past, what they have achieved in life, what professions they have, where they come from, from which parties, what those parties are like, what they did, etc. A little documentation will help you decide. Voting is not an exam, just an instrument.

Please, go to the polls. Because a city is not just built with hope. If you want to have something to say about your city, go to the polls. And then, guard your vote, hold those who disappoint you accountable and do not honor their promises. Go to the polls because there will come a time when you will need this city. If not you, maybe your parents and friends who stayed here. Go to the polls because the future is much closer than it seems to you now “, Chirilă added.