“In the last days of the US presidential election campaign, the Village People ‘s YMCA song was overused by candidate Donald Trump and his team at rallies and as a soundtrack to promote a worldwide video,” he wrote , in a statement, Me Richard Malka, the lawyer of the copyright holders of this song, writes news.ro.

The 1978 disco song was written by two Frenchmen, Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, and an American Victor Willis.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump ended the rallies with the famous song.

He was broadcast on Twitter on Tuesday to urge Americans to vote, a multi-sequence montage of his rallies in which he can be seen dancing to the song.

The French copyright holders, “as well as the company Scorpio Music, the owner of the creation, were stunned to find the illegal approval,” Me Malka said.

The heirs of Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo “will prohibit anyone from unauthorized distribution of the video in question,” Me Malka said.

This song, whose choreography is just as famous, with the members of the group disguised as cowboys, Indians, policemen, builders, motorcyclists and soldiers – refers to the Young Men’s Christian Association movement. But in the 1970s and 1980s, she was considered a flag bearer of the gay community.