VIDEO The tablecloth that knows what you put on it, created by Microsoft: how to make your life easier

In the context in which more and more gadgets in the house can become significantly smarter than they ever were, it should come as no surprise that a tablecloth can know what to eat.

A group of researchers from Microsoft together with scientists from several US universities have created Capacitive. This is a futuristic gadget in the form of a tablecloth. Its purpose is to identify what you put on the table and to use that information in a multitude of ways.

If you are tired of writing in an application that you eat every day, that could be one of the scenarios in which Capacitivo makes your life easier. The new tablecloth can detect food, beverages and many other objects based only on the contact surface between the apparent textile material and the identified product.

To achieve its goal, smart fabric uses a combination of stretched electrodes and a complex system of neural networks to “understand” both the texture and shape of the object you have on the table. As an incredible advantage, it can even identify products inside a bowl or glass.

In the first phase, the idea behind the smart material was to make your life easier in the kitchen. When you don’t know what to cook, you put what you have at home on the table, and some recipes will be automatically generated for you. A diet app can automatically record what you drink, depending on the glass on the table. Another interesting scenario is to connect Capacitivo to your phone and when you leave the house to remember that you forgot your headphones or glasses on the table. In the saddest scenario, it may remind you that you did not wash your bowl of soup.

We do not know when or if it will ever become a commercial product, but Capacitivo also has disadvantages. It does not recognize metal objects and does a good job with cards, credit cards and other square objects with a perfectly flat surface.


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