Migrants are evacuated and firefighters intervene with 10 trucks. According to an eyewitness, the fire covered the main complex, but also the tents near an olive grove.

One resident said almost the entire camp is on fire.

“Now that it’s light, I see that some of the tents have remained untouched, I’m fine, but the rest of the camp, as I can see where I’m from, has burned completely,” said Thanasis Voulgarakis.

Lesbos Deputy Governor Aris Hatzikomninos told a local radio station that the camp had been “completely destroyed.” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced an emergency meeting on the fire.

The camp, which housed nearly 13,000 people, four times its capacity, was in quarantine last week after a migrant was found positive. Another 35 migrants were subsequently tested positive.

The Greek news agency ANA reported that the fire broke out after they refused to enter isolation with their families, but the news is not confirmed. According to reports from the scene, police prevented migrants fleeing the flames from reaching the port city of Mytilene.

The Stand by Me Lesvos refugee support group said that according to local reports, the locals attacked the migrants and prevented them from passing through a nearby village.