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The Lakers are in the NBA Finals after 10 years. With their 117-107 victory over the Nuggets in Game 5 they made it 4-1 and got the qualification, celebrating this moment.

«I have wide enough shoulders to carry a lot of weight, but my mind is stronger. We will be happy, because nothing is a given. Only two teams reach the final, only 15 players. But we have a bigger goal ahead of us“, Stressed LeBron James.

«I feel very good. We have already achieved a lot, but we want four more victories. Our work is not over. I am very happy that we made this great team“, Said Anthony Davis.

Finally, coach Frank Vogel said: “The praise is due to my players. We are happy for the title in the West, but our mission is not over. We won in a region with many good teams, but we want the big trophy».

Watch the VIDEO with the moment of the awarding of the trophy to the Lakers for winning the first place in the West and qualifying for the NBA Finals.

The two scenarios for the start of the NBA finals

The Lakers have reached the NBA Finals and are waiting for the winner of the Heat-Celtics series, which is 3-2.

If the Eastern Conference finals are completed in Game 6, then the NBA Finals will begin in the early hours of next Thursday.

If the finals of the East are judged in the seventh game, then the finals will begin early Saturday morning.


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