VIDEO South Park will have a feature film about the pandemic: when it launches

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The creators of South Park have always been anchored in everyday reality, so the preparation of a feature film about the pandemic should not come as a surprise.

The episodes in South Park revolve around 20 minutes, but the first episode of the new season will have an hour and tells a slightly more elaborate story, that of the world we have lived in for the last half year. The show will be titled The Pandemic Special and will air on September 30 on Comedy Central. On the same day or the next day, you should be able to see it in Romania.

To generate interest for the start of the new season, a few minutes trailer has been published, which you can see below. This is a premiere for the beloved animated series, given that no other previous season needed a trailer. Even now, it probably wasn’t necessary, but it still helps you know what to expect.

The Pandemic Special in South Park will ironize the authorities’ reaction to the pandemic and will inevitably be linked to how the new school year began. This is a very hot topic in Romania, not only in the USA. A little humor and satire might be just what it takes to tolerate a little easier the period we live in.

If South Park is a foreign subject, the show created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone will start its 24th season this year. It started in 1997, and the most recent episode aired in December 2019. It has won 5 Emmy Awards and 12 awards in the more than 20 years it has aired. In the IMDb ranking for the best series of all time, it occupies the position with the number 97. All in all, I am very curious what approach the series will have on the strange times we are going through.


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