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Costas Sloukas spoke about his return to Olympiakos on the Euroleague channel.

The international guard stressed that the “red and whites” were the ideal choice for him, while Giorgos Bartzokas and Giorgos Printezis spoke about him with highly flattering comments.

«I lived great moments. I was at Olympiakos for seven years. It is the first team with which I became a professional. He made my dream come true“, Initially stated Costas Sloukas, to continue:

«I can say that the situation is similar to previous years. They trusted me at 18 and made my dream come true. I had many ups and downs. But, in the end I think it was the right choice for me and I do not regret at all that I chose Olympiakos all these years, especially now that I am back».

For his presence at Fener: “The organization was excellent. The most important thing was that the team had big goals. The winner mentality. In my life I always try to find motivation, this is the right word. I believe that after five years at Fener my circle is closed, but the motivation is everything in my life and that is why I came back. What do I mean by motivation? For the last 2-3 years, Olympiacos is not at the level it deserves. I believe in the team and that is why I decided to come here and do my best, to do something special for the fans, for the club, for the team and for me».

To conclude, saying: “When I was little, my father always said that if I wanted to succeed somewhere, I had to work. I think about this every day because I know that somewhere else, someone works harder than me. That’s why I want to win something every day. Some may call us outsiders, but we believe in ourselves. We have to work. The first goal is to be in the top eight. This is our first goal and we will fight for it».

For his part, George Bartzokas said: “You can count his participations in the Final Four and the Euroleague that he has won and you immediately have the answer. He is more mature, he is at the ideal age to lead the team. He is a creator and scorer, but at the same time he is a person who is emotionally attached to Olympiakos».

Finally, George Printezis: “He is a player who has played an important role in our success in recent years. It’s very nice that he came back. He has proved that he has become a better player since he left. He has improved on some of his weaknesses. He worked hard and took on more responsibilities at Fenerbahce and I think he is better prepared to lead more than last time and help the team even more».

See what Costas Sloukas said:


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