Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova plays Borat’s daughter in a new film by the director and has acted as a reporter for a conservative news site in front of Giuliani. The recording dates back to July and was made public on Wednesday.

The scene took place in a hotel room where the actress had invited him for a drink.

Giuliani is caught lying on the bed with his hands in his pants, a gesture he makes after the reporter takes out his microphones. At that moment, director Borat enters the room and comments that his daughter “is 15 years old. He’s too old for you. “

Trump’s personal lawyer said it was a set-up to compromise him after revealing information about Joe Biden. He explained that he had kept his hands on his chest to pray and was only trying to take out his microphone and put his shirt in his pants after the interview.

“I leaned back and put my shirt in my pants and at that moment they photographed me, an image that seems manipulated, but in any case, that’s what I was doing,” he explained.

“At no time before or during the interview did I make any inappropriate gestures, and if Sacha Baron Cohen suggests otherwise, he is a cold-blooded liar,” Giuliani wrote on Twitter.

“As soon as I realized it was a scam, I called the police,” he said, noting in a July article.

He explained the July 7 incident to an American publication:

“This guy came in wearing a transgender costume. I think they were pink bikinis and she had a sheer blouse, she looked absurd. He had a beard and his legs could be seen, it was not something I could call attractive. This person came in screaming and I thought it was a prank or a scam, so I reported it to the police. Then he ran away. “

“It’s all an attempt to undermine my tireless effort to expose the crime and depravity of Joe Biden and his family.”

In an interview with WABC radio on Thursday, Giuliani explained that it was a coronavirus-related interview and had no doubts about its legitimacy.

The scene with him lying on his back took place after the reporter, an inexperienced journalist, told him about his problems and “in fact, we prayed together.”

Giuliani said he realized something was wrong when the woman asked him if he wanted a massage. He called the security service and then the director Borat came in and started shouting and saying all sorts of “stupid things”.

The new Borat film will be released on Friday.