Video: Robert Kubica works on the Alfa Romeo simulator

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In a short video produced by Alfa Romeo’s press office, Robert Kubica described how he works on a simulator at the base of the Swiss team in Hinwil, and this footage allows you to better understand how important such technologies are in modern Formula 1.

Robert Kubica: “In Alfa Romeo I am a reserve driver, but they also work on a simulator. Actually, the simulator is a new tool for our team. In Formula 1, with its restrictions on work on the track, restrictions on tests, simulators play an increasingly important role.

Only the simulator makes it possible to engage in some kind of tests during the season. You can check various components, the effectiveness of various tactical schemes, various settings, the geometry of certain areas of the machine.

I know that there are new generation simulators that can reproduce some pretty severe overloads, but this is not necessary. It is important that the simulator reproduces as faithfully as possible what the driver experiences, his body, his brain, so that all this is as close to reality as possible.

Real races often take place at the teams’ bases, because time is always running out, and in order to show good speeds, you must continue to work intensively. As soon as you stop, you immediately start losing to your rivals, because the rivalry in Formula 1 is always very sharp. The same applies to working on the simulator. “

André Nadal, engineer: “The simulator is a very powerful tool, it is used to solve engineering problems and allows the team to get information about which direction to work with the machine, when, for example, we go on unfamiliar tracks.”

The next meeting with such a track awaits Formula 1 next week, because the last time the Turkish Grand Prix was held nine years ago, when the cars were different, and few of the championship riders have experience on the track in Istanbul Park. By the way, Kubica is one of them, like his colleague Kimi Raikkonen, so their information may be useful to Alfa Romeo.



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