VIDEO & PHOTO: Pokusevski the fourth highest draft pick in the history of Serbia! | NBA

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Alexei Pokusevski’s success in the NBA Draft 2020 is reflected in the fact that the 18-year-old forward is now the fourth highest draft pick in the history of Serbian basketball!

At the top of the list is Darko Milicic, who was picked No. 2 in 2003, behind LeBron James and above Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

In 2001, Vladimir Radmanovic was selected at number 12, while the Sacramento Kings chose Petza Stojakovic at number 14. In addition, Zarko Tsabarkapa has been selected at number 17.

The highest draft picks of the Serbs:

2: Darko Militsis (Pistons, 2003)

12: Vladimir Radmanovich (Seattle, 2001)

14: Petza Stojakovic (Kings, 1996)

17: Zarko Tsabarkapa (Suns, 2003)

17: Alexei Pokushevsky (Thunder, 2020)

24: Nenad Krstic (Nets, 2002)

26: Vlade Divac (Lakers, 1989)

26: Nikola Milutinov (Spurs, 2015)

27: Bogdan Bogdanovic (Suns, 2014)

30: Nemanja Nedovic (Suns, 2013)

Finally, it is worth noting that Pokusevski followed the process, having at his side his family and Christos Bafe and Dimitris Tsaldaris from Olympiacos.


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