VIDEO Nokia N95, made for 2020, would have been the coolest phone

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You probably still remember the iconic Nokia N95 phone. Nokia N95 was publicly announced in September 2006 and entered the market in March 2007. A newer version should exist, right?

For 2006, the Nokia N95 was a futuristic model that combined a music player, a decent camera, an impressive amount of memory and GPS navigation. It runs the Symbian operating system, supports the installation of third-party applications and has a 900 mAh battery.

Nokia N95, reborn into a modern prototype

HMD Global, which has been given the right to create devices under the Nokia brand, has seriously considered launching a variant that will continue the Nokia N95 tradition, giving it a new lease of life. It is true, in the end, the idea was abandoned, but we can see an engineering prototype of what could be un Nokia N95 modern.

Youtuber Michael Fisher (MrMobile) received a prototype of the smartphone, which proposes a sliding design. Sliding to the left you have the speakers, dual cameras and LED flashes.

nokia n95

Hidden sensors would work like a selfie camera, and the way they were positioned would have avoided the need to drill holes in the screen for them.

HMD Global may not have the best years since the rebirth of Nokia smartphones.

However, this seems quite easy to understand, as the company suffered during the first and second quarters in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and market disruption. The Finnish company has postponed several launches for its smartphones and here we are, still here waiting for Nokia 9.3 PureView.

Despite this, Nokia is still one of the most trusted companies for some customers. That’s what Counterpoint Research says. According to the research company, Nokia is at the top of the ranking in the “Trust Ranking” for smartphone companies.

The Counterpoint ranking assesses four important segments – the frequency of software updates, security updates, build quality, and enterprise-recommended devices. Nokia has done a good job of keeping its smartphones up to date and secure, with regular security patches. Also, all eligible Nokia smartphones are currently running Android 10.

The company has a total of 20 smartphones running Android 10. OnePlus is the second with only 7 devices. So, we can say that HMD Global does a good job here.


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