VIDEO – Larentzakis: “To prove to myself that I am a player for this level” | NBA

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Giannoulis Larentzakis wants to seize every opportunity that will be given to him.

The 27-year-old Greek guard of Olympiacos spoke to “Eurohoops” in the context of the Media Day of the red and whites about the biggest challenge of his career.

In detail what he said:

Is your transfer to Olympiakos the biggest challenge in your career?

“For sure! I tried and worked hard enough to reach this level. I think I did it the right way and step by step. I want to give my best to prove to myself mainly that I am a player for this level “.

How difficult do you find in this your first season in the Euroleague, at this level, to win a role from coach Bartzoka and how determined are you to do it?

“It is quite difficult, because the level, as I said before, is high and the players who have come are at a very good level. I have to work hard, try hard and I definitely believe that if I am right and the right one, I will be given the opportunity “.

When Olympiakos made the successive excesses in the Euroleague, many said that the key was to tie the Greek body inside and outside the floor. Now that you are a member of this chain and you live it from the inside, do you see something special in this group of people? So you understand some things about the success of Olympiacos all these years?

“Yes, because for better or worse the climate plays an important role. Playing for your neighbor is something very beautiful and because here the Greeks are very good guys, we all know each other before Olympiakos, let alone all those who have been together for years and have been tied. In the difficult ones, I believe, those who achieved several things and put the foreigners in this mentality “.

What do you think are the strongest and weakest points of your game right now?

“I do not like to answer these questions, but I think it is my audacity, reading in my game and shooting. I have to improve several things. Definitely my athleticism and in general I have to improve everything. I have to improve every day. “

What is your biggest dream as an Olympiacos player?

“I want to say goal, because a dream is something we just imagine, while I really want to achieve the goal. “I definitely want to succeed with the team and if we are healthy and everything is going well, let’s go to a Final Four and get a Euroleague.”

Many times people on social media judge and criticize people they do not even know. You are a public figure and now you play at Olympiakos. Is it something that affects you, or is it something that does not touch you?

“For better or worse, social media has become part of our daily lives. Even my mother say, she could have Facebook and a public opinion that will be seen by 10 people. I try not to be influenced. I see lies badly, I read, sometimes I get annoyed. I am human. Especially when some people talk, say some things and they are so confident and say them about a person who has no idea, because someone said something γου Certainly some things irritate me and I try when I read them to be current. And not just for me.

For example, for Giannis (Antedokunbo). We have to live with it. Is normal. Generally what I have to say is generally ok all socials, but there is no reason for jealousy, there is no reason to reduce someone who has reached where he has reached, to feel better and there is no reason to devalue things and situations when someone is doing something good.

That is, I take occasion for Giannis and because I also talk to you. He was twice a Back to Back MVP in the NBA! Well done, he’s a dude, congratulations. Now I come in and see some comments that are really a shame. It’s to get into their profile and τους okay’s not τώρα this δεν. There is no jealousy, there is no complexion and it is really beautiful to rejoice when someone succeeds.

Because at this moment we have arrived and as we have arrived, generally not only as a country, but as misery. There is misery and I do not like it. Especially on social you see a lot. To be a little more open, more cheerful and not to steal the success of the other so that we can go up and feel a little better. To try, to work, everyone in their field to achieve the best they can. That way we will all be happier and happier. “


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