Donald Trump’s Democratic opponent in Tuesday’s presidential election, former US Vice President Joe Biden, announced that Lady Gaga will join him on Monday in a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a crucial state in winning the seat. at the White House.

Trump’s campaign team reacted immediately.

“Nothing exposes Joe Biden’s contempt for Pennsylvania workers more than campaigning with anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga,” Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s communications officer, said on Twitter.

“This desperate effort to rekindle enthusiasm for his dull candidacy is a slap in the face to Pennsylvania’s 600,000 people working in the fracking industry,” said Tim Murtaugh, who stressed that Joe Biden had repeatedly promised left-wing activists. to put an end to hydraulic fracturing if the president is elected.

Fracking is the extraction of oil and natural gas from deep rock layers by injecting chemicals into them.

This technique turned the United States, by 2014, into the world’s largest producer of oil and gas.

But the environmental consequences of this hydraulic fracturing are important.

After making categorical statements during the campaign about a future ban on fracking, Joe Biden said for the last time that he plans, if elected, to ban new fracking operations on public land and move the United States to renewable energy, but he stressed that he would not ban fracking.

The subject was one of the hotspots of the second debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Lady Gaga, whose anti-fracking commitment is well known, responded to Tim Murtaugh and Donald Trump on Twitter: “HEY, TIM, HEY, @realDonaldTrump, I’M SO HAPPY. I’M Satisfied TO LIVE WITHOUT PAYING RENT in Your HEAD ”.

According to a poll poll conducted by RealClearPolitics two days before the election, Joe Biden is 4.3 points ahead of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania.