Invited in Cătălin Măruţă’s show to comment on the recent outfits of the stars, Iulia Albu (39 years old) criticized the outfit chosen by Loredana Groza in one of her posts on social networks, explaining that she does not understand the singer’s choice to pose in underwear “In the clearing.”

“Well, my mother-in-law has something like … no, wait, wait, I feel like the discussion is already going elsewhere. So my mother-in-law has something like that, but long. It’s a timeless thing, that’s what I want to emphasize. I like Loredana, but I don’t necessarily understand the usefulness of posing in lingerie, in this way, in the clearing. I would have understood if she had been wearing something more extravagant, but no, I don’t think so

I don’t think she woke up like that, all made up, dressed, arranged and dressed sexy, in the meadow. So it’s not good at all, but it’s less stupid! “, Said Iulia Albu, live at Măruţă”.