video interview with Ron Howard on American Elegy

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One of the contenders for the next awards season, American Elegy is a Netflix Original movie coming November 24, adaptation of a novel adored by Americans. Our video interview with Ron Howard, director of the film.

The American dream would still seem alive, albeit severely hit and in the process of transformation. At least judging from the story of J,D. Vance, born and raised in rural America, between Kentucky and Ohio, in that peripheral rural America in every sense, lately more and more affected by the economic crisis. Vance managed to emerge from a dysfunctional family, eventually graduating from Yale with a degree in law, and building a career as a lawyer. The book in which he tells his story, American elegy, has been a critical and public success in recent years, while from November 24 will arrive on Netflix her movie version, with Glenn Close as the grandmother, e Amy Adams of the toxic mother.

American elegy is a film directed by Ron Howard, whom we had the pleasure of interviewing via zoom from his Los Angeles studio.

Here is our video interview with Ron Howard.


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