The assembly in the center of Minsk precedes a large mass demonstration, which could take place on Sunday, September 13th.

Most of the participants were women, and some made their way to the crowd with pots and pans, while others chanted “Give us our Masha!”, Referring to Maria Kolesnikova, from the opposition, and “Leave. ! “, To the address of President Alexander Lukashenko, he writes Digi 24.

Kolesnikova, 38, was arrested after opposing forced eviction. It has become a symbol of resistance, as other opposition leaders have been imprisoned or forced to leave the country, including Svetlana Tikhanovskaia, President Alexander Lukashenko’s presidential candidate in the August 9th presidential election.

In Liberty Square in the center of the capital, several men in black masks and hoods tried to disperse the protesters, who did not let themselves be intimidated, according to images by Belsat and In another video, police are seen violently pushing protesters into police vans. At least 30 people have been arrested, the human rights group Viasna said.

The re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, in power in 1994, with a score of 80%, on August 9, to the presidency of the former Soviet republic, provoked a series of protests. Protesters challenged the rigged elections and insisted Tihanovskaya was the real winner.

Tikhanovskaya asked police on Saturday (September 12th) not to resume protests. “The violence you are committing against women is shameful,” she said in a press release. “Anyone who commits a crime against the protesters will be held accountable,” Tihanovskaya warned.