Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Räikkönen will make F1 history today at Sunday at the Eifel GP in Germany.

For Räikkönen, the race start of the day is the 323rd of his career. He is in the top spot with Rubens Barrichello before the race on the Nürburgring, but rises to the top of that statistic alone.

Depending on the calculation method, the race would already be number 324 for a Finn, but the official statistics of F1 will give Jääman a GP less.

In honor of Räikkönen’s record, the F1 series released a small clip of the first interview of the Iceman’s F1 career before the 2001 Australian GP. At that time, Räikkönen was driving in Sauber’s stable.

The story continues after the picture.

Räikkönen’s answers at the time are not much different from today’s answers.

The reporter first asks if Räikkönen had enough time to practice on the new track.

– Of course it would be better to practice more, but there is a time limit and that’s it, Räikkönen said.

The reporter then asked if Australia’s Albert Park is the ideal track for him to embark on an F1 career.

– I don’t know, it doesn’t matter what the track is, Räikkönen replied.

The reporter still asked if the track was slippery in the first training session.

– Yeah, because there was a lot of dust and it was my first training session. The first two exercises are pretty slippery.

You can watch the video of the interview from the embedding below.