VIDEO Google Recorder could be the best application: how you can access it and why it “works wonders”

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If Android operating system updates weren’t a good enough reason to embrace a Google Pixel, the Google Recorder app might convince you.

Since the first versions of Pixel, Google has tried to motivate you to make an investment in one of their smartphones through both hardware details and software exclusives. The most important thing is the unhindered access to the new versions of Android, on the day they are available.

Beyond this detail, Google has in its repertoire some seemingly trivial applications, but which are gaining a significant number of followers through the details behind. This time, for example, it’s Google Recorder, an application that, at first glance, seems to take the place of a tape recorder and that’s it. But the reality is not so simple.

Introduced with the launch of Google Pixel 4 more than a year ago, the Google Recorder app is one that perfectly illustrated Google’s accessibility experience. As a reference, it worked surprisingly well when it came to transcribing audio recordings into text format, so you could quickly find a few important words in a large volume of dialogue. Shortly after, the app became available on all older Pixel terminals, but that’s it.

Google Recorder has reached version 2.0, shortly after the launch of the new Pixel 5. The new iteration helps you cut audio segments from a recording by selecting pieces of text automatically transcribed by the Mountain View giant’s algorithm. This way, you can eliminate unnecessary pieces from an interview or from a school course, without listening to everything.

In addition, if you like to make online posts from your recordings, the new Edit & Share version automatically generates a video with the amplitude of the recordings in the recording, accompanied by the transcribed text so you can put it on YouTube, Facebook or another platform that suits you. delight. Regarding the exported video format, you can choose portrait or panorama. It remains to be seen whether the application will ever be available to people who do not have a Google Pixel.


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