Small groups of protesters began throwing stones at police officers. The demonstrators moved in front of the commission building located on the most important boulevard in the capital, Rustaveli, where thousands of people were protesting peacefully.

According to police, protesters tried to enter the Central Electoral Commission building.

“Given that the protesters used violent methods and did not follow the instructions of the police, the Ministry of Interior used a proportional force, within its prerogatives,” the institution said in a statement.

The opposition demands the resignation of the head of the Central Electoral Commission, Tamar Zhvania, and the organization of new elections.

According to official results, the Georgian Dream ruling party won 48.23% of the vote, and the largest opposition party, the United National Movement, won 27.18% of the vote.

After the result gave the ruling party the right to form a government, eight opposition parties, including the United National Movement, announced they would boycott parliament.

The opposition accuses the ruling party and its supporters of buying votes, threats against voters and observers, and illegalities during the counting process.

Georgian Dream party leaders have denied the allegations.

Georgia’s economy has been severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The government announced on Saturday that from Monday it will force people to stay in homes between 10 pm and 5 am in major cities due to the sharp rise in the number of cases since early September.