RISE Moldova brings new evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement in the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova. After writing about the landing of Russian political consultants in Chisinau, RISE Moldova also published video images with them.

In the pictures can be seen Olga Grak, Iuri Gudilin and Leonid Gonin having meetings both with members of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, and visiting the presidential administration. The images also show the spokesperson of Dodon’s campaign, Ludmila Munteanu, who had described the information about the Kremlin’s involvement in the elections as a “fake”.

According to abriride.md, the team moved by the Kremlin to Moldova to help Igor Dodon win the election consists of three components. Olga Grak coordinates the communication, PR, jurisprudence and propaganda team. Leonid Gonin leads the team of political scientists, psychologists, sociologists and ideologues, while Yuri Gudilin handles the “force team”, ie agents of the Russian secret services, many of them acting undercover, with false names. Details here.

The second round of the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova is scheduled to take place on November 15 between pro-European Maia Sandu, who won the first round with 36.16% of the vote, and pro-Russian Igor Dodon (32.61% in the first round). ). The race is announced to be tight.