Held in Nashville this morning, the debate between the two candidates for the presidency of the United States of America was particularly precedent. This time, the candidates discussed much more technically, leaving aside the attacks on the person.

Topics discussed included managing the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, relations with Russia and Iran, countries accused of interfering in the US election campaign, immigration, Joe Biden’s son’s business, and more.

Biden accused Trump of mismanaging the pandemic, which is why the United States has so far recorded more than 8 million cases and 223,000 deaths. In response, Trump pointed out that the pandemic is global and that it will “pass.”

Trump: “People learn to live and die with it. We have no choice”.

At the same time, the US president spoke about the fact that lockdown measures cannot be applied, because the country cannot be closed.

Another topic discussed was Donald Trump’s relationship with China, a country where the president would pay more taxes than in the United States. The discussion started with Trump’s accusations against Joe Biden’s son who earned money from a Ukrainian company while his father was vice president of the United States. Biden explained that he did not take any money from an external source and moved the discussion to the taxes paid by Trump in China.

Biden: China is building a new road to a golf resort you have. Russia pays you, China pays you, what’s the matter with that?

Trump: I don’t make money in Russia, you do. I don’t make money in Russia, you do. You took 3 million from Russia, you’re the big boss.


Another topic discussed was that of immigrants, especially children separated from families on the US border. In this regard, Trump stated that his administration is working on a project to reunite these families and accused Biden of doing nothing for these children for 8 years.

Trump: Traffickers and drug cartels have used these children to enter the United States illegally … Joe, I ran because of you and Barack Obama. Because you did a poor job. If I thought you did a good job, I would never be a candidate.

The last topic of debate was the relationship of black people with the American Police and their fear that they may at any time be the victims of abuses by people in uniform.

Trump: No one did more for people of color than I did, not even Abraham Lincoln.

Biden: This Abraham Lincoln (referring to Trump – nn) is one of the most racist presidents in our modern history. It feeds every outbreak of racism.

According to experts, Joe Biden was more defensive than in the previous debate. Biden pointed to the corruption of the Trump administration and the lack of character that the current US president is accused of. therefore, Trump tried to balance the balance by invoking suspicions of corruption targeting Biden’s son.

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