Video: Donald Trump Asks Protesters To Go away Capitol As He Insists On Election ‘Theft’

In a video posted on his Twitter account, the president of america requested them to “go dwelling” in order that “nobody will get harm.”

The president of United States, Donald Trump, requested the protesters who stormed the Capitol to “go dwelling.”, after they staged riots and face-to-face confrontations with the safety forces.

In flip, Trump had phrases of appreciation for them, to whom he assured that “they’re very particular”; and he insisted once more with messages concerning the alleged theft of the final elections.

“They need to go dwelling now”he claimed, interesting to the necessity for “nobody to get harm” and to respect the safety forces.

Nonetheless, he has insisted that the elections he misplaced to Democrat Joe Biden have been “stolen”, one thing that, in his opinion, “everybody is aware of, particularly the opposite celebration.”

On this sense, he considers that the November elections have been “fraudulent”, a thesis that for now has not been endorsed by any court docket.

The assault has coincided with the ceremony known as in Congress to certify the results of the November elections and, due to this fact, the victory of the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, Joe Biden. Trump himself reaffirmed this Tuesday that he’ll “by no means” acknowledge his defeat.



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