Six members of a Chicago militia are accused of plotting to abduct Governor Gretchen Whitmer along with other accomplices they were pursuing at the vacation home after initially considering a larger attack to take hostages at the U.S. Legislature building. this state. In late April, protesters gathered at the Capitol building and tried to enter the room where new measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic were being debated. After the plot was uncovered, photos of two armed accomplices of the group standing guard armed in the gallery of the Capitol appeared in the press.

The clips show men in military equipment simulating target shooting and testing various firearms, as well as an electric shock pistol. The defense lawyer said at last week’s preliminary hearings that there were only talks in the wind.

According to the FBI, who infiltrated the group, the men, dissatisfied with the governor’s anti-COVID-19 restrictions, call her tyrannical and discuss her “grabbing”. They wanted to speed up the operation to carry out their plan before the election, and by the time they were arrested they had ordered explosives to blow up a bridge near the governor’s house as a form of diversion.

The footage also captures a speech against “Government Criminals” by one of the defendants, Brandon Caserta.

If “the thing happens, I tell you I’m taking out of the game how many bastards fit in my hand. Everyone, brother. I’m tired of being robbed and enslaved by the state … they’re the enemy. Point”.

After a Trump campaign march in Michigan on Saturday, in which the crowd shouted “Shut it down” in chorus, referring to the restrictions imposed by the governor, and the president repeated the call, Whitmer reacted on Twitter condemning that ” it’s the same rhetoric that put my life, my family’s, and other government officials at risk as we try to save the lives of Americans. “