“IPhone 12 MINI, the most compact iPhone this year and one that looks strikingly similar in proportion to the iPhone 5S, is a super compact phone with state-of-the-art specifications. We have it here in white, but it also comes in other colors, ”says George Buhnici, who reveals that the model is also available in black, red, green and blue.

Buhnici compares the model iPhone 12 MINI with iPhone 12: „The proportion, the difference in size is obvious. It feels like it’s small. It’s a super compact, super cute iPhone, it’s the kind of phone that you can feel very light, hold in your ear for a long time or be able to put it in your pocket without stress that you will bend it. A small and powerful phone. But how small is it? The phone you see here is 135 grams and only 7.4 mm thick. It’s the most compact phone I’ve ever found. “

The developer considers that the small size of the screen can be an inconvenience for certain categories of users: “The problem with this size: it will be quite difficult to look at anything, if you want to see well, if you want to see a picture, a document , a text, if you don’t have a very good view, you will have to come here (almost) and it already becomes tiring for my eyes to focus on such a narrow area. The width of this phone is 64 mm ”.

“Although it is a narrow and small phone, it can be a phone for someone with a small hand, but I don’t think it can be used for intensive entertainment consumption, although it can produce.

We have the same 12 megapixel wide and normal cameras that are present on the iPhone 12, the same camera, the same quality. The surprise comes from the front camera which also has 12 megapixels and does the same video at 4k and 60 frames / second at maximum resolution, it also has electronic stabilization, it is very clear, but still, as it happens for two generations on the Apple software, it makes me look a little blond, ”Buhnici adds.

Other advantages highlighted by George Buhnici: “It also has the smallest battery – 2,227 mAh, a one-day endurance. In Bucharest and its surroundings we already have 5G, in Cluj, Brasov. It half charges in about half an hour, with a 20 watt charger that doesn’t come in the box, it only comes with the charging cable and that’s it, like all iPhones from 2020. From my user experience it moves flawlessly, I don’t feel any difference from, for example, the iPhone 12 Pro. It supports wireless charging, and comes in three storage variants: 64, 128 and 256 GB. ”

How much will the new iPhone models cost

“The 256 GB version costs $ 849 before taxes. I expect it to be over 900 euros. The basic version of 64 GB is 699 dollars, with me I expect it to be at least 750 euros, equivalent, ”says George Buhnici.

In Romania you can pre-order for the 4 Apple models, the first iPhones with 5G technology. The telephone operators Orange and Vodafone presented the price list, but the new phones are also available for pre-order on eMAG or iStyle. Deliveries to Romania are expected to begin on November 13.

IPhone 12 price in Romania

– Orange: 4,488 lei

– Vodafone: 4,380 lei

– eMAG: 4,549 lei

– iStyle: 4,549 lei

IPhone 12 MINI price

– Orange: 3,994 lei

– Vodafone: 3,883 lei

– eMAG: 3,999 lei

– iStyle: 3,999 lei

IPhone 12 PRO price in Romania

– Orange: 5,722 lei

– Vodafone: 5,577 lei

– eMAG: 5,799 lei

– iStyle: 5,899 lei

IPhone 12 PRO Max price in Romania

– Vodafone: 6,073 lei

– eMAG: 6,299 lei

– iStyle: 6,399 lei