Video: Bottas again sat behind the wheel of a rally car

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Everyone knows that Valtteri Bottas, in his free time from Formula 1, loves to drive along all sorts of winding paths in a rally car and even sometimes goes to the start of the rally together with professional masters of this type of motorsport.

But, probably, not everyone knows that Bottas more than a year ago became a shareholder of the Finnish chemical technology company Nolla Antmicrobial, which produces various antiseptics, including hand sanitizers. Moreover, this happened almost six months before the first information about the new coronavirus appeared – it turns out that Valtteri has, if not the gift of a visionary, then at least a good business sense. Indeed, in 2020, events on a global scale are developing in such a way that sanitizers have become one of the most popular products.

Yesterday in France, Bottas was solving two problems at once: firstly, having sat behind the wheel of the rally Citroen C3R5 of the French team PH Sport, he rode to his heart’s content among the picturesque autumn landscapes. Secondly, the entire car was covered with Nolla ads.

Already there have been suggestions, maybe the Finn is preparing to start the Ypres Rally, the WRC stage, which will take place on the roads of Belgium from November 19 to 22, and this weekend there will be no Formula 1 race? ..



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