Andreea Raicu spoke, in a video posted on her Facebook page, about her mother’s experience with COVID-19 disease. The star confesses that she has not seen her mother for three weeks, but she is happy that she feels good and that they managed to get over this impasse together.

“My mother tested positive for the new coronavirus three weeks ago. Although it is not very easy for me to talk about this subject and what I felt when I found out, and what I still feel, I considered it my duty to make this information public.

The 2 weeks my mother was hospitalized were among the worst weeks of my life, with a lot of fear and very unpredictability – just like this virus. I know that this message will also attract negative comments, but the reality of the three weeks that both I and my mother went through makes me think now only with gratitude because I overcame this moment and the staff of Victor Babeş Hospital.

I have all the respect for the professionalism with which they treated both my mother and everyoneand those hospitalized there. I haven’t seen my mother for three weeks, but I know that returning home is the most beautiful gift she could receive for her birthday, which will be in a few days “, said Andreea Raicu.

The star mentioned that she did not become infected due to the fact that she always wore a protective mask, even around her mother.

“Although I spent time with her, I didn’t get infected because I was wearing a mask all the timeI know it’s a lottery and we can get infected at any time, but at least I know I can protect myself by wearing it! “, the star wrote on Facebook.