VIDEO Alone Home and the most dangerous traps: who can kill you?

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The holidays are coming, and we know this for sure when the “Alone Home” series begins and you can’t help but see it and hear about it everywhere.

It is already the 16th year in which the famous Christmas movie was broadcast on TV, with Macaulay Culkin in the role of the young Kevin, left alone at home. The 16th year since the TV measurements, in any case.

Although it is an old film, which is 30 years old, “Alone at Home” is an audience magnet for Pro TV, which will broadcast the first film in the “Home Alone” series Saturday, December 5th.

And precisely because it’s an old movie, many of us know about what’s going on in the movie, even though we haven’t seen it in all 16 years in a row.

We remember all the clever pitfalls that tested the thieves who tried their luck in Kevin’s house.

We know about the hot door handle, we also remember the paint box and the fight with the huge spider.

All of these give charm to the film, but they also make you think about how long those thieves last. Although in the film, they are very resilient, in reality such thieves, also try traps, would suffer much more.

Endurance test: what effect would traps have in real life?

Many fans realized that the protagonist of Home Alone, Kevin McCallister, built traps that would have done much more damage in real life than what was presented to us on screen.

Jake Roper of the Vsauce team analyzed on his own skin – of a mannequin – some of the major moments in the film.

In a recreation of McCallister’s house, Roper tried to test the hot door handle, the swaying paint cans that both bandits took in front of them, and the bar they use to get rid of the tarantula. creepy walking on Harry’s chest.

The test results are at least scary.

We would have thought, however, that the door handle is much more dangerous than it was shown in the movie. However, it would have been much more dangerous for Kevin than for the bandits.

This is because the temperatures needed to transfer enough heat to the outer handle could melt the door or catch fire.

In fact, a chest bar would not be as gentle as you think in the movie, but could even pierce the internal organs of the unfortunate person in question.

Perhaps the least surprising, but the most terrifying is the paint trap. Roper’s video demonstrates how an oscillating paint box could easily cause severe neck fractures.

After all, Home Alone doesn’t really seem like a Christmas movie anymore, but rather a kind of “Die Hard” with snow and lights.


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