Launched in 1977, “Dreams” has returned to fashion thanks to the platform dedicated to young people. The social network is known as a “machine” for promoting the songs of young artists and current songs.

In recent days, the 70’s ballad signed by Stevie Nicks has become popular after being used in a video that went viral. Internet user Doggface208 skatedboarding on a street while drinking cranberry juice. The video gathered 4 million likes and almost 22 million views and allowed the song “Dreams” to return to the charts, writes

The song, from the hit album “Rumors”, has so far recorded around 490,000 listens. In the following days, this figure exceeded more than one million listens per day, ie more than double. Listening increased by 127% on Spotify and 221% on iTunes, according to figures from the Rolling Stones site. Song purchases increased by 184%.

Following this success, Mick Fleetwood, co-founder and drummer of the band, signed up for TikTok.

The 73-year-old rock star shared his first video reproducing what Doggface208 did. “He was right. Dreams and cranberry juice sound different,” the musician wrote.