The purpose of the policeman filmed as he passed over the head of a protester by bicycle was to disperse the people protesting in Seattle on Wednesday, September 23, writes Digi24.

The video with the outrageous moment was shared on social networks. The images show a group of policemen on bicycles, including the man, who is pedaling towards the protesters. From the filming, it appears that the policeman intentionally passed over the head of a protester, without intending to bypass him. At the moment there are no details about the man’s condition, it was not known if he was lying on the floor because he was injured or if he just wanted to prevent the police from advancing. After the incident, several policemen got off their bicycles and went to the protester.

Soon came the decision of the Seattle Police Leadership, which said it would investigate the police officer.

So far, only one police officer involved in the death of nurse Breonna Taylor has been charged. The young woman was shot six months ago in her home, where the police burst in without identifying themselves. Two other police officers have been acquitted in the meantime, leading to protests in the United States.