VIDEO – A pack of wolves from Neamț, which has gone viral: the clip that doesn’t seem from Romania

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The National Directorate of Forests posted on the Facebook page a spectacular clip with a pack of wolves. Although it seems taken from a document on Netflix, the images were immortalized near the forests of Neamț.

In theory, wolves are associated with dense forests, so they have a place to hide and how to catch their victims. Unfortunately, due to the massive deforestation in many regions of Romania, they end up working in the field. Similar to the bears that arrive more and more often in cities, packs of wolves coming out of the forest are significantly more aggressive and dangerous, both for humans and for domestic animals.

The video below was immortalized by a researcher from the wild area of ​​the Tarcău Forest District. According to Romsilva, Professor Ștefan Ciotău captured the images with wolves in the wild in the forests of Neamț County. The film shows a pack of at least six wolves moving on a field in the Tarcău Forest District, writes Mediafax.

According to the statistics held by the representatives of the National Forests Authority, in the area where the filming was made, approximately 23 wolves live. And if you had a bad opinion about our country, it is important to remember that Romania has one of the most developed wolf populations in Europe.

Wolves are very discreet and efficient predators. Because they work in the forest, you are unlikely to see them in the wild, just like below. Carnivores and herdsmen, these animals play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance and naturally healthy ecosystems.

When they attack prey, due to the fact that they work in a team, they can dominate very large animals. They immobilize her and feed on her together. They can run at up to 60 kilometers per hour and can hunt both day and night.


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