Keith Raniere, 60, told judges he had no regrets about his actions, as he was not guilty of those allegations made by his victims. Adherents of his personal development programs included millionaires and celebrities from Holywood, reports The Sun.

Some of the most vulnerable victims were marked with his initials.

Prior to sentencing by a federal court in Brooklyn on Tuesday, the disgraced guru said his victims were lying for “his” reasons, something he did and led them to charge him.

“I have deep remorse (for the suffering caused), but I do not regret the crimes I did not commit,” he said, denying that he used women “for power, money and sex.”

He received a life sentence and a $ 1.75 million fine.

Raniere addressed his victims directly: “It’s still painful to get up and talk about it, it takes courage.”

Keith Raniere founded a personal development organization that he later used as a screen for the secret sect, DOS, in which he asked members to submit nude photos or other compromising materials that he would have used if women were trying to leave. .

Other followers were unaware of the abuses these sex slaves were subjected to, and some of them, including the parents of some of the victims, defended them in front of the judges.