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In a game that was a derby until the last second, with a high score and spectacle, Efes having Rodrigo Boboua on an excellent day (23p, 5/5 2p., 3/5 3p., 4/4 b., 7 aces, ) took the victory over Maccabi with 91-89, despite the huge effort of the Israelis.

The hosts got the victory in the end, having Rodrigo Boboua on a great day. Apart from the 23 points scored by the “bomber” of Efes, he judged the final result with a … majestic cut in Ulbekin’s shot, 2΄΄ before the end.

For the winners, apart from Boboa, Timber Plays (20 points, 9 rebounds) and Adrien Moerman (17 points, 3 rebounds) made “full” appearances, while from the losers, Eliza Bryant made a new career record with 22 points he scored, but it was not enough to give the victory to Maccabi.

In the beginning, Anadolu Efes with a series of 11-0 and three accurate three-pointers from Moerman, Misic and Plais took a good lead, but Maccabi with Caleiro and Bryd managed to “cut” the difference (16-12). With Bryd quickly double-digiting, but also Jones and Dorsey contributing, the Israelis not only returned but were already ahead by the end of the first ten minutes (22-24).

In the second ten minutes, Plays entered dynamically on behalf of Anadolu Efes, while Jones and Dorsey continued with the same tempo that they finished the first. The hosts with Singleton and Simon were ahead by 5 points (33-28), but Maccabi responded with Hunter and reduced.

The excellent Plays and Boboa, however, did not miss from 6.75 and increased the difference again despite the two accurate three-pointers by Scotty Wilbekin (44-38). Dorsey, Wilbekin and Bryant tried a shot under good conditions, scored and put Maccabi ahead in the score at the end of the half (49-50).

Bryant and Zizic at the start of the third period gave the visitors a 7-point lead (49-56), Simon and Misic reacted and reduced to the basket, but Maccabi seemed to step better in this quarter and were constantly ahead by 4 to 8 points.

Bryant and Dorsey were excellent with the former even reaching 22 points and setting a career record two minutes before the end of the third period and while the score was 64-72. A shot by Bobua and a two-pointer by Misic reduced Anadolu Efes to five points (67-72) by the end of the third quarter.

In the last ten minutes Hunter and Jones maintained the lead for Maccabi, but then Anadolu Efes with Plays and Moerman pressed … accelerator and went in front of the score (80-78) showing that they would not give up easily. Scotty Wilbekin, who had been “silent” for a long time, took action and with two consecutive three-pointers made it 80-84, 5΄ before the end.

Bobois and Simon responded and put Efes ahead by one point but Blazer responded from 6.75. Rodrigo Boboua was really unstoppable, however, and reaching 23 points with 5/5 two points, he put the Turkish team ahead again (91-89) with 23΄΄ remaining. Bryant’s mistake in Maccabi attack, but also the imposing cut of Boboa in Wilbekin at the last second, gave the victory to Anadolu Efes with 91-89.

The quarters: 22-24, 49-50, 67-72, 91-89

The statistics of the match


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