Victories of illustrious surnames in the return of the Top Race: Barrichello and Reutemann

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The Brazilian made his debut this weekend and won at Gálvez. Ian, Lole’s great-nephew, won the Top Race Series. The Dipy ran in the Junior.

The rapporteur could be heard shouting with euphoria “¡Barrichello! ” and seconds later “¡Reutemann! ” and it looked like an edition of “Sports in Memory”. From other times of Formula 1, when the highest category visited the Buenos Aires coliseum. But it was not past. It is the present of the Top Race, which with illustrious surnames returned to the tracks after a semester of inactivity as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a renovated park, with a greater number of participants, Top Race returned to the ring and did it in the best way. After date 2 on Saturday, the third was more than fulfilled and with a shining name worldwide: the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello He won the final, winning from end to end in circuit number 8 of the Buenos Aires stage.

Despite the effort and pressure of Diego Azar, at no time was the leadership position of the Brazilian pilot, representative of the Toyota Gazoo Racing. Third place went to the winner’s teammate, Matías Rossi, who with this podium remains at the head of the category championship.

“Many say that I won in Formula 1, that there is nothing left for me. And it is not like that. For me it was unthinkable to come to Top Race and win. It is very important that at 48 years old he can debut in other categories and go out and fight for the win. I am very grateful to Toyota for the opportunity, to Matías (Rossi) for his accompaniment and to everyone for how they treat me here, ”the former Ferrari driver, Michael Schumacher’s teammate in the glory days of Formula 1, commented with great satisfaction.

“At 6 years old, when I started karting, I did not imagine that I would reach 48 years old with the same anxiety and passion for racing. And I celebrate that ”, said the Brazilian driver, whom Kimi Raikkonen dethroned this Sunday as the driver with the highest number of participations in Formula 1: the Finn, with Alfa Romeo, reached 323 races at the Nurburgring.

The competition had several moments of attention, with the distraction of Abella, the blows of Alzamendi and Hamze or the friction between Montenegro and Ciarrocchi.

Rossi managed to beat Franco Girolami, winner of Saturday’s competition, and thus stay in third place. Together with Barrichello, he will undergo an exhausting round trip, since as soon as the competition ended they traveled to Brazil for the next date of the Stock Car from the neighboring country.

In the Top Race Series, a category that ran together with the major division, the young man won Ian Reutemann. The Santa Fe pilot, great-nephew of the Lole Carlos Alberto, also won from end to end in his category. At the age of 17, he won the Gálvez, where almost half a century ago (1972) the great reference of his family made his debut in Formula 1.

“I was able to reverse the situation on Saturday. I value this win for what it means for the championship. I am very happy for this achievement, ”said Reutemann, leader with 52 points, followed by another pilot with an illustrious last name: Stéfano Di Palma (grandson of the great Rubén Luis), with 37.

Meanwhile, in the category Top Race Junior The singer “El Dipy” made his debut this weekend, after the ninth place on Saturday, closed his presentation with the tenth place, after recovering after an incident. The race was won again Francisco Martinez.

With renewed illusions, Top Race returned in the best shape. Shining names for the category, more cars and the renewal for a category that began a new path, that encountered the pandemic and that now seeks to resurface with greater force.



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