Football legend David Beckham, 45, and his wife, ex-spawinner, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, 46, have been sick of the corona in complete silence.

They were the first world stars to get the virus. Admittedly, the Beckhams are only now reporting their infection.

They got the coronavirus in early March from a party in Los Angeles.

The Beckhams also had time to infect a few members of their staff as they traveled between the United States and Britain in March.

They flew to Britain on March 4 to celebrate their son Brooklyn birthdays, and on March 11, the couple returned to the United States to celebrate David’s new launch.

They finally returned home to Britain on 19 March. At that time, they closed the corona isolation, but the virus had already begun to swell.

Already in Miami, David began to feel sick. Not long after Victoria had a fever and her throat was sore.

The Beckhams didn’t know about their corona infection and they had time to shake hands and hug their partners and fans. Afterwards, David and Victoria realized they were super-infectious.

Related sources now report that Victoria almost panicked after realizing the situation. He remained isolated from the children of the family even after his recovery.

The Beckhams were isolated from their second home in the countryside. They took new coronavirus tests and made sure they were completely healthy after the symptoms disappeared before returning to people’s airs.

The Beckhams survived the corona with fairly mild symptoms. Some of the sick safety people and car drivers on their team got a more severe illness.

Beckahamie has been reported to have taken care of his sick staff by, among other things, sending gifts.

Source: Daily Mail