Fashion designer Victoria Beckham, 46, has shared excerpts from her detox vacation in Baden-Baden, Germany, on her Instagram account.

Victoria and her husband, ex-football star David Beckham, 45, signed up for a luxury retreat at a spa called Ville Stéphanie.

At Villa Stéphanie, prices for a one-week week-long program start at £ 3,439, or almost € 3,800. Sure, for Beckham, this is a small amount of money.

– A postcard from our health week in Germany, Victoria writes in a picture posted on her Instagram account where she is watching the sunset with her husband.

If the Instagram embedding is not visible, you can view the image from here.

The British Daily Mail reports that the spa offers ozone therapy, oxygen therapy and lymphatic massage in its immune-boosting program.

In addition, the program includes instruction with a personal trainer and fitness activities such as yoga, qijong and hiking in the woods.

Based on her Instagram stories, Victoria Beckham seems to have especially enjoyed her walks in the woods.

– So calm, he wrote one picture taken in the woods.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple met with a nutrition coach on the day of their arrival, with whom they analyzed their nutritional needs. Based on this, meals were prepared for them on a daily basis based on their respective needs.

In particular, David Beckham shared pictures of his food rations that were fish- and vegetable-focused on his own Instagram account.

At the same time, the ex-footballer said he had been eating vegetarian food for three weeks now.

– I have not done this ever before, but I have been eating vegetarian food the last three weeks, he said.

Both Beckhams were able to share the atmosphere of the wellness retreat only after leaving, as Villa Stéphanie is also dedicated to digital disconnection therapy, meaning the spa has no electricity or Wi-Fi.