“Every moment comes at a certain moment; not necessarily the right one, but that’s it. So I’m making the right announcement here: so, yes, I’ve just tested positive. I don’t roll in torment at all, I just went through a chill, if God and the body help me, I hope that’s all. I announced my contacts, I am isolated at home, separated inside by well-defined routes by my illustrious wife. Which was tested negative.

As I announced in a previous confession, I believe in the existence of the killer virus. I do not worship him, for he has not yet taken my mind, only that I now feel him close to me; unpleasant and uncomfortable up close. And, before the propaganda rushed to the point, I wore an intense mask, which is easy to prove with the testimonies of my colleagues and Uber drivers “, Ciutacu wrote on his personal Facebook page.

The journalist also explained where he thinks he got infected: “If you ask me, without being able to swear, I have indications that I took the carcass from a good friend. I’m going to do a reality show here with our lives and our health, so don’t expect psychotic updates, if we don’t crack, we’ll see each other on TV for a while on skype.

If I collapse, I try to write a cool obituary in advance, because I’m talented at it. But since I haven’t settled my accounts and paid off all my debts, I am inclined to believe (and hope) that I will get the story back on track.

I have no wise advice to give you. I don’t think you need me to wash your hands and wear a mask. But, instead of the communication strategies of the political power, I would avoid spreading the message “wear a mask, protect yourself” through those who just announce that they have been infected “, the journalist România TV also wrote.