VG experiences: Milan wants Hauge – the agent confirms increased demand from several large clubs

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MILANO / BODØ (VG) Jens Petter Hauge is a hot man after the big game against Milan. According to VG’s experience, the Milan club could be his next employer if the Italians get what they want.

– I do not want to comment on specific clubs, but we know that they have a feel for Jens Petter, says his agent, Atta Aneke, about the Milan interest.

After the match, Milan manager Stefano Pioli stated that Hauge is keeping “international class” behind


According to VG’s information, the website wrote on Friday is correct that Hauge has been on Milan’s wish list for a while – and that interest has increased further after Hauge’s impressive performance at the San Siro on Thursday.

– It is natural that those questions come, but we have just got off the plane and it was quite late after the match yesterday so I do not know very much, says Jens Petter Hauge to VG at the airport in Bodø.

Hours earlier, he stated that “it is a club I would like to play for”.

The interest must be concrete and the club must have had conversations with agent Atta Aneke.

– There has been a lot of interest even before the match. There have been clubs that have shown concrete interest. After the match, several, but also the clubs that were on before, intensified their desire to reach an agreement or to get on the field. The interest has skyrocketed, it has, says Aneke about the interest in general.

Bodø / Glimt’s chairman of the board Frode Thomassen says that for Jens Petter Hauge.

– There have been concrete offers for Jens Petter, says Thomassen – without elaborating further.

According to Aneke, there is no shortage of suitors.

– There are clubs from all five major leagues in Europe. There is interest from England, Spain, Germany and Italy…


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