Master of Lyric Vexi Salmi died of a serious illness at Terhokodi on 8 September. Now his death announcement has been published in Helsingin Sanomat.

– Everything, everything was so tender and good. Thank you dear Vexi, thank you. In the blue sky at heights your song will play free, a touching announcement states.

The proclamation of death states that Salmi was blessed on September 24th. Mikael Agricola Church in Helsinki. His ashtray is laid in a family grave in the old cemetery of Åland in Hämeenlinna.

The master lyricist spent his last moments in the nursing home Terhokodi, and this has been taken into account in the death notice.

– Vex’s memory can be honored by supporting the Terho Foundation.

– Thanks to Terhokod, the announcement sums up.

Salmi’s son Topi Salmi said earlier this month that his father’s illness progressed within a few weeks.

– We close ones said goodbye to Dad, Topi Salmi told Iltalehti.

Salmi sang a total of thousands of songs during her lifetime Irwin Goodmanin from the Rose of Rentu Vesa-Matti Loirin to interpret My Heart for Christmas Tea and Kiran to present the masterpiece Wipe the Sorrow from My Eyes.

Source: Helsingin sanomat newspaper