– Be quieter when you’re younger! lyricist Vexi Salmi could tell him a whole three days younger Dannylle.

Reached by Iltalehti by phone, Danny has heard of his friend leaving just a couple of hours ago. Strait’s reference to their “age difference” makes Danny laugh wistfully.

– It is his death from all the passages that feels most sad. It’s a big miss, he says.

Danny describes Salme as a versatile and human-loving man who “really wasn’t single-track”. According to Danny, Salme was widely interested in social issues as well as religious issues, which they also discussed together. Philosophy and theology were part of Salmi’s hobbies.

Danny also says he got help from Salme with lyrics. Salmi also helped several artists rediscover their careers. As one example, Danny cites the new impetus given to Kirk You wiped my grief from my eyes with the song.

– He was a great man who tolerantly understood others from different lawsuits.

The key to this humanity for Danny is I make Christmas in my heart a piece that has become familiar Vesa-Matti Loirin interpreted.

– Great wisdom was needed to create this text. And if a person has made a total of 8,000 lyrics, that also says that the vision was actually found.

In competing camps

Vexi Salmi and Danny had known each other since the 1960s, but they belonged to competing camps, i.e. different record companies. Salmi worked on Finnlevy and Danny Scandia music.

Geography also had something to do with it: Danny’s team was concentrated in Helsinki, while the Salmi team, born in Hämeenlinna, came from outside Helsinki.

There was a good time of competition and croaking in the air, decades. But then something changed.

Danny calls the process maturation or maturation.

– The closer we got to the 21st century, the closer we got closer and became friends. There was professional respect among us.

Danny recalls his visit to Salmi and this spouse Katri Wannerin at home, as well as their extensive art collection, which the couple donated to the Hämeenlinna Art Museum in 2010.

Salmi, one of Finland’s most prolific lyricists, is now gone.

– He was one of the biggest names in our industry.