After two zero weekends, he finished again among the scorers at the Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel, but this time he finished only in tenth place with Ferrari. The four-time world champion was logically not fainted from the result. “No, for one point I’m not happy. I didn’t come for a point, ”he said, frustrated after the knockout.

Despite his bitter taste, however, he didn’t forget to mention the record-breaking 92nd success of his former big rival, Lewis Hamilton.

“Before the race, I told Lewis to get the 92nd. I did it, so congratulations to him. It can never be acknowledged enough, especially when people say it’s easy with this car. However, this requires years of balance, ”he defended the world champion.

Vettel: That's not why I came 2

Vettel, who improved by five positions compared to his starting position, was still unable to move from 13th place in the table, just as Ferrari can be said to have concreted himself into 6th place in the constructive complex. Charles Leclerc, on the other hand, finished with a confident performance where he started: in fourth place – so Monaco is already in fifth place in the individual standings.