The season of farewell to Sebastian Vettel Ferrari is being very disappointing. The German is being outclassed race by race by Charles Leclerc, which, unlike him, is achieving results and points.

The general classification speaks for itself of the difference between the two: Leclerc is 5th with 75 points, and Vettel is 13th with only 18. The best place of the Monegasque is a 2nd place, a position well above the performance of the SF1000, and that of the German, a 6th.

What was seen in the Portuguese GP is the example that the difference between the two is abysmal. Without making much noise, Leclerc got a more than decent fourth final position, while Vettel was 10th and thank you, in good measure for your poor classification on saturday. He could only with Kimi Raikkonen, who drives an Alfa Romeo which, for all practical purposes, is a Ferrari B.

There are many comments about the difference in performance of the two, and Vettel does not hesitate to stick to the stake of suspicion. “Where do I waste time? I’ve been grinding my teeth all year. An idiot might never notice, but Am I a complete idiot? I doubt it. At some point you should get lucky and hit the jackpot. I never do, and if I succeed, it is only with great difficulty. On the other side (of the box) it seems much easier“, he dropped in Portimao, in statements to RTL collected by

Vettel will compete next year in Aston Martin (actual Racing Point), but that doesn’t seem to cause him to be dropping or making mistakes at every Grand Prix.

Rankings, Your Achilles Heel

Vettel’s status has fallen, by its own demerit, within the Scuderia. In addition to being ousted to sign Carlos Sainz By 2021, he can no longer even pull records to claim the position of first driver in the team.

Mattia Binotto It could not be clearer when placing him in front of Leclerc: “Seb and Charles’s cars are identical, No doubt. I sincerely hope Sebastian can make it to the next round in Imola qualifying and show more of what he is capable of during the race. Charles is doing really well, but I still hope more than a second pilot“, he replied seriously.

Vettel has a serious problem in this 2020 in the rankings. It has only gone to Q3 on three Saturdays out of twelve disputed, the last at the British GP in August. In Portimao he came out 15th, even surpassed by George Russell with the Williams.